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BrandonKraft.com ran on WP Engine. It had been for years now after being given a lifetime free developer account by a small little hosting upstart in Austin.

All in all, I haven’t had any problems with them. I noticed changes as the mainstays of the company that I knew—Trafton and Austin, for example—left to do other things, the rebranding away from “engine” fast car idea to the current one. Support has changed, slipped perhaps, but I’m not a normal character and my requests aren’t typical, so I’m willing to forgive.

In any event, time for something new. The big push was SSL. A friend had a cert available he wasn’t going to use, so I was going to give SSL a spin. At the time, WP Engine didn’t allow SSL on the comped plan, so the wheels started in motion. The engine started…
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How Emoji Saved Your Site’s Hide

Source: Anatomy of a Critical Software Bug – YouTube

Andy Nacin gave this talk today at LoopConf in Vegas. In one sense, it is in the same vein as my Emoji, WordPress, and You post.

There were plenty of vocal critics about adding emoji support natively to Core and some still are, with the twemoji JS loader being enqueued on the front end of all sites starting with 4.2 unless a plugin is added.

Emoji was just a front for adding support for four-byte characters—emoji, Han (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters, and so on. Plenty of people would only see this as an improvement for emoji, but for a large amount of the world, it would lower the language barrier—literally the ability to better handle their native language—to using WordPress.

Nacin drops the other piece of this. Emoji was a front for four-byte characters which, for all of the good that it does in and of itself, was a front for an incredible fix for an incredible security bug.

Even if you don’t understand every word, Nacin does a good job explaining the problem in the video and worth the 35-minute watch time.

tl;dr: This bug was 💩. It would set the 🌍 on 🔥. All better now.

Major props to the Core Security Team who fought with this for years in an effort to squash the bug dead. 🐛