Press This Extended 1.1

Press This Extended 1.1 is now out in the wild and available for your Pressing pleasure via

1.1 is an upgrade to roll smoothly alongside the changes coming out in 4.3, which hit Release Candidate today and so 4.3 is the required minimum version. If you are testing 4.3, please do test 1.1 and let me know if you see anything amiss.

Today’s version has three changes of note: Read More

Genesis eNews Extended 2.0

Hold yer horses! Despite the major version bump, it isn’t a huge release! The changes are all under the hood, but there is a chance that the styling may break if your theme styles against the HTML ID of “subscribe”.

Previously, all instances of the widget would have the HTML ID of “subscribe” on the form element. This meant that if you had multiple instances on the same page, we were breaking HTML spec by having multiple elements with the same ID, which also wrecked total havoc for folks using screen readers and other assistive technologies. While I can’t recall a theme hitting that ID for styling, it is possible that someone was.

Genesis child theme authors should confirm their CSS is not targeting the form#subscribe node. Read More

In Defense of AA

Now I do want to make one thing clear: AA is by no means the only way to get sober, or even the best. There is no “best” way.The best way to get sober is how you got sober.

Source: Sorry, that AA “study” is bullshit — The Real Edition — Medium

Norcross wrote a couple of articles on Medium in defense of Alcoholics Anonymous against the random studies that come out claiming AA is a cult or ineffective, as well as his personal story that led him to joining AA.

I’m more indirectly connected to AA. My dad, at times it seems, was a member that, if you were counting, would not be considered a success. Then again, a lot of things were unsuccessful in his journey against the bottle1. Read More in Full HHVM Glory

If having a multi-network multi-site wasn’t enough of an edge case, I sidestepped over from PHP-FPM to HHVM. The former is used with NGINX to actually process the PHP code of a given site. HHVM is Facebook’s driven effort to the next generation of PHP in terms of performance. The goal is parity with PHP 5, but, in short, done better to make it faster.

You can read more about HHVM at their official site.

Vanessa has had a fever all day. The twins are getting sick. Olivia threw up tonight. Daddy need a bit of total geek time for his sanity… Read More