Press This Extended

Press This Extended is a plugin that adds options in the user interface to control the new flexibility in the revamped version of Press This included in WordPress 4.1.

Bugs? Feature requests?

You can download the latest version from


2 responses to “Press This Extended

  1. […] Press This Extended adds settings to Settings->Writing that allow you to fine tune and tweak Press This. Rather use <cite> instead of <em> when linking to the source? Hate the word “Source”? Are you a cowboy poster (like me) who likes to publish, then proofread, so want to see the post in the traditional editor after publishing? All this and more is available to power users via the user interface with this plugin. […]

  2. […] Press This with sites on Medium? Wonder why you can’t? A little thing Medium did, but Press This Extended will make it work for you. Just activate it and Press This on Medium to your heart’s […]


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