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  • I Am A Core Contributor

    I Am A Core Contributor

    Impostor syndrome. It’s a bitch. If you’re not familiar, impostor syndrome is used freely as theĀ in-vogue way of describing the feeling that you’re an impostor. Somehow, someone made a mistake when they hired you, picked you to lead a project, promoted you, describe you as an “expert” or something else like that. If they really […]

  • Open Source Is Beautiful

    Open Source Is Beautiful

    Open source software builds a community around it, making the world better through the product itself and the connections it forms.

  • I’ve Made WordPress Better (And You Can Too!)

    I did it. WordPress, as many of you know, is an open-source project. The WordPress community maintains it. Anyone can report a bug directly into the development tracking tool (Trac), anyone can submit a patch. It’s great. I’ve been wanting to contribute to core (as the “core” WordPress software is known, as opposed to plugins, […]