Texas Leading Innovation

This is why I chose UT-Austin for my undergraduate education. An institution of the first class, they solve problems that most aren't yet aware exists.

Criminals… What?

In our neighborhood Facebook group, a neighbor reported her car was broken into with stuff stolen. And they vomited in the passenger seat.

Any suggestions for home security cameras?

Fr. Bill Day

June 28th will be “Fr. Bill Day” in Austin, thanks to the City Council. He’s done good in his time here and wish him well in his new ministry as Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee.

Mueller: Kitty Hawk of Self-Driving Cars

Google announced this week that it spun off their self-driving car division into a new company within the Alphabet umbrella, Waymo. With the announcement, they also announced that they completed the first driverless event on a public roadway—transporting a blind gentleman alone in the car—in 2015 in my neighborhood.

I’ve enjoyed our little Google Waymo friends around the neighborhood. Working from home, I see them driving by the house multiple times a day and get an odd assurance hearing their electric hum as they pass.

Happy Fourth of July!

We have a little parade between a couple of parks in the neighborhood. Nothing terribly fancy, usually a local politician joins in. This year, it was legit enough to get an actual police escort.

Hope everyone has a good one. Enjoy a 🍺 and a🌭.