not perfect

I’ve been working more on fixing the bugs with this publishing webapp. So far, no go. 🙁 I tried to dump the db and do a clean-install again but it didn’t work. I’m going to look at the db data and look at the excutables again to see if something is wrong there. Well, I take that back. I didn’t do a clean install. I erased the db and started fresh from there. I’ll start from scratch soon and reload everything. I might lose a couple of posts, like this one, but if it fixes the bugs I’m having with it, it would be worth it. To explain further, whenever I submit a post, the handler doesn’t handle it right and it won’t rebuild it into the site. I have to go back and edit the post for it to publish. I’ll figure it out.

soc 302

Right now, I should be doing some reading for my soc class I’m taking via the internet at Midwestern State. I’ve been working on this site all day getting this weblog webapp to work but finally it is, but alas, the reading still awaits.
So far, I can’t wait for this summer term to be over. The work is such a waste of time- I sit in my political science class for two hours to day to hear information that Sherry taught us back in our sophomore year!
Anyhow, I’ll keep this short- I am going to go and do a little work now :-/
Site Info

the first message

Well, this is the first message. After fighting with this thing for a little while, I finally figured out the small things to get it to work. I think this will be a great addition to the site.

stuff yo face

Kraftcheesenmac: i’ll just stuff my face
Kraftcheesenmac: and be like “afdgjknafdgjri fjgnjknf adfglakjbga”

a&m “yells”

AgRudythe2nd: if you really think about it…at football games..the only thing we gear at the other team is beat the hell. The rest of it is actually just support for our team
Kraftcheesenmac: and the war hymn
AgRudythe2nd: yes yes, but thats not the point


Kraftcheesenmac: What kind of food?
UTdrummin06: healthy, now
Kraftcheesenmac: healthy sounds great
Kraftcheesenmac: what’s healthy?
UTdrummin06: i dont know
Kraftcheesenmac: this is why there is a freshman fifteen