super communion

AgRudythe2nd: you are going to be the super hero of catholicism
AgRudythe2nd: Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no its Super Communion!

college slackers

PNaYBayB: nope:-)…but that’s ok…bc i figured out that i don’t need that good of a grade on this test to come out with a decent grade
Kraftcheesenmac: the true sign of a college student
PNaYBayB: hahah…a true sign of a graduating college student
Kraftcheesenmac: well i do that too
Kraftcheesenmac: lol
Kraftcheesenmac: and i’m not close yet
PNaYBayB: starting early…that’s good
Kraftcheesenmac: i wouldn’t want to work hard for three years and then look back and wonder why i didn’t slack off sooner….


The weekend is finally here! MSU is following a four-day work week so three-day weekends every weekend are my game. The downside: two-hour classes. So far, all we’ve done in my art class is watch videos. I suppose that’s acceptable. I really don’t have too much to talk about really. Currently, everything is on auto-pilot. I haven’t talked to a person or two here (WF) in awhile that I would like to. Oh well, anyhow, I just felt the urge to post to the world that I am out for the weekend. Nothing like what-should-have-been-high-school government classes to bore you to tears.
Site Info

xhtml transformation

This is just a quick little musings to say that I’m going to convert the site to XHTML over the next few weeks. As well, I’m going to drop my use of FrontPage and go back to real web creation. So far, the resume has been converted over. I had forgotten how much control of my style I had to give up to use FrontPage themes; I think what I have done so far looks good while regaining my control of the design. One thing I will have to get used to is the phased-out use of the tag. Style Sheets here I come…
Oh yeah, I added a form so you can text message me from the site. Right now, it’s on the resume subweb as a popup. As I convert the site over, I’ll add it to a main page.

bought some books

Academia. It’s that bittersweet beast which all of us in college subject ourselves to for better or for worse. The other day, I went to the MSU Bookstore to purchase my books for Summer I. All used books, not including one that I already owned, came to a grand total of $194. Well, I’m still not very sure on this but it sounds like one of courses also requires me to purchase an access code from WebCT. That is something that well, I just don’t like. I’ll grant that this e-pack will have material that may not be presented, or presented as well, in the book. I really doubt I’ll use it though.
Anyhow, I begin classes on Monday. I have my first test, over chapters 1-5 of the sociology text on June 9th. For that course, it’ll be about 100 pages of reading a week with one test a week administered online at my convenience (as long as it is submitted on or before June 9th). I have yet to hear about art or political science. Political Science doesn’t really scare me at all. Art Appreciation, well, I have the feeling it’ll include memorizing a large amount of artwork. I can do that though, right? The classes are for two hours a day, Monday through Thursday through the first week of July. Due to budget issues, there will be no university operations at MSU on Fridays. I can handle that. 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated on how things are going on here though.
Most, if not all, the people I have talked to think I’m crazy for attempting sixteen hours in a summer session. Well, perhaps I am. To underscore my reasoning though, my first year was not a great one- all told, I failed to complete a semester at full-time. My idea is to catch up this summer and try to get myself in a mindset of work. We’ll see if it works.
Lastly, Chris from Cyberstation called wondering whatever happened to my website. Hmm… yeah, I was pretty sure I had said I already switched providers in e-mails to him before. I think he’s just trying to save some business- yeah, a little late for that.

job hunt

The Great American Job Hunt. Why do they call it that? It’s not a great experience at all from what I know. I spent most of the day today dressed up in a suit going to so many different businesses only to have most of them flat deny me or give me one of those standard “we won’t consider it but I’ll tell you we will.” What is killing me is that I will just be a summer employee- nothing more. I’m not exactly something businesses in Wichita Falls needs.
Food service is always an option. I was hoping to stay away from that though. My Food Handler’s Card for Wichita County expired earlier this month so I would have to go through that sad sad training again. It’s just something I really don’t want to do anymore. I have experience in other things. I’m not saying food service is a bad job but I don’t like to settle for something when I know I can do more. That’s all for now.