back in the saddle

It’s taken me quite a bit of time to get settled in enough to feel that I had time to sit and compose an entry. The webcam will be coming back online shortly after I actually dig it out of a box. We’ll see how that goes.
I’m living in a condo in south-central Austin with Michael, a fellow from the Catholic Center. So far, everything here has been pretty smooth. Entertained a few people on a few seperate occasions and seemed to work fine each time. Roadrunner was installed a few days ago and the wireless network I setup has been working really well considering the low budget I assigned to it.
Classes have been in session just a day shy of a week today, nothing overly exciting so far. My schedule is as follows:
AST 301 — Astronomy I for non-majors — MWF 10-11
HIS 305L — Western Civ in Modern Times — MWF 9-10
HIS 309K — History of East Asia until 1800 — MWF 2-3
PHL 301 — Intro to Philosophy — MWF 11-12
PHL 304 — Contemp Moral Problems — MW 12-1, Th 10-11
Obviously, a heavy MWF schedule. So far, like I said, nothing exciting.
The Lambdas are chugging along with the start of a new year and a new pledge class. The Tao Class of the Alpha Chapter will have the first information session tonight at the Catholic Center. Also, tonight, my first official act as Lambda Chaplain (other than lead opening prayer at a couple of meetings) is tonight. Night Prayer in the Chapel is at 9:15 p.m. following the Actives meeting. Night Prayer is open to everyone. What is Night Prayer you ask? (it isn’t just the Liturgy of the Hours Compline in this context) Come tonight where the topic will be “What is Night Prayer?” 🙂
Besides that, the usual first week of college activites for here- a few bbqs, a tailgate party, a football game, endless meetings for a Freshman/Transfer Retreat this weekend. I’ll be posting the script of a moving Stations of the Cross that we’re doing for that later (probably after the retreat in case anyone going on the retreat finds this…)
With that, homework and laundry are calling.

football anyone

Note: I’m back online.
Today’s Score:
Texas — 66 (1-0)
NMSU — 7 (0-1)

united states postal service

Just a quick note between classes:
This morning, I checked my PO box in the UT Station on the West Mall. I did my usual thing. A couple of hours later, I realized I didn’t have my keys. After a couple minutes of thinking, I had remembered that I had to have had them this morning to open the box. I run down to the office, get in line and ask the clerk. Sure enough, they found the keys. Matched the PO box key to me and sure enough, even remembered me from a few days before when I went in there for something else.
For all the trash-talk that the USPS gets, today, as Kari would say, they are rocking my face off.

the bells of austin

My internet is still out of commissioned but with the great piece of plastic known as a University Catholic Center keycard, I’m able to write now.
I finally got moved into my new place. It’s a great location. A block away from St. Ignatius, Martyr. A couple blocks away from St. Edward’s University. Less than half a mile from perpetual adoration at San Jose.
Anyhow, what struck me as really awesome is at 10:55 a.m. on Sunday I am sitting in my bedroom doing something. I heard bells. Actual official church bells ringing just prior to Mass starting. I always loved the idea of it but never attended or lived near a church that did that. I assume it was St. Ignatius but I really don’t know. In either case, I miss church bells.
Bed time for now thogh. Hopefully be back soon!

correction: blogging personality

Okay, I had another person whom I’m on a single wavelength with take the test and it shot my theory out of the water. She’s an INFJ- very close to me so perhaps it’s acceptable.
Her percentages were very borderline though:
Introverted (I) 54% Extraverted (E) 46%
Intuitive (N) 55% Sensing (S) 45%
Feeling (F) 55% Thinking (T) 45%
Judging (J) 59% Perceiving (P) 41%
I wonder what the margin of error is on these tests? I figure for the one I linked to from, is a pretty short one so a higher margin of error.
I mention this for a couple of reasons. First, with my results (INTJ), I mostly agree with them but as my ENTJ friend mentioned, I’m a weird I. I’m introverted usually but very able and willing to become an extrovert when the situation merits. For example, I’ve MCed/led multiple events ranging from 600 to 3000 people. Secondly, my INFJ friend, I somewhat disagree with her results. She’s borderline so perhaps that’s why but I would consider her an extrovert. Also, she is much more thought-orientated. She’s not emotional. Who knows? Just thought that was interesting.
Also, now I’m signing off for the week. I’ll talk to all of my in silico friends soon.

short break

Well everyone, my internet connection here will be down between now and the morning of August 30th. Long time, I know. E-mail and everything will be working and I’ll probably check it almost as often as usual. I’ll try to keep posting here as well, but in case I don’t, now you know why. When I come back though, I’ll be on a cable connection… oh I can’t wait. Feel free to send my phone a text message at AIM screen name ‘kraftcheesenmac’