a&m “yells”

AgRudythe2nd: if you really think about it…at football games..the only thing we gear at the other team is beat the hell. The rest of it is actually just support for our team
Kraftcheesenmac: and the war hymn
AgRudythe2nd: yes yes, but thats not the point


Kraftcheesenmac: What kind of food?
UTdrummin06: healthy, now
Kraftcheesenmac: healthy sounds great
Kraftcheesenmac: what’s healthy?
UTdrummin06: i dont know
Kraftcheesenmac: this is why there is a freshman fifteen

super communion

AgRudythe2nd: you are going to be the super hero of catholicism
AgRudythe2nd: Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no its Super Communion!

college slackers

PNaYBayB: nope:-)…but that’s ok…bc i figured out that i don’t need that good of a grade on this test to come out with a decent grade
Kraftcheesenmac: the true sign of a college student
PNaYBayB: hahah…a true sign of a graduating college student
Kraftcheesenmac: well i do that too
Kraftcheesenmac: lol
Kraftcheesenmac: and i’m not close yet
PNaYBayB: starting early…that’s good
Kraftcheesenmac: i wouldn’t want to work hard for three years and then look back and wonder why i didn’t slack off sooner….


The weekend is finally here! MSU is following a four-day work week so three-day weekends every weekend are my game. The downside: two-hour classes. So far, all we’ve done in my art class is watch videos. I suppose that’s acceptable. I really don’t have too much to talk about really. Currently, everything is on auto-pilot. I haven’t talked to a person or two here (WF) in awhile that I would like to. Oh well, anyhow, I just felt the urge to post to the world that I am out for the weekend. Nothing like what-should-have-been-high-school government classes to bore you to tears.
Site Info

xhtml transformation

This is just a quick little musings to say that I’m going to convert the site to XHTML over the next few weeks. As well, I’m going to drop my use of FrontPage and go back to real web creation. So far, the resume has been converted over. I had forgotten how much control of my style I had to give up to use FrontPage themes; I think what I have done so far looks good while regaining my control of the design. One thing I will have to get used to is the phased-out use of the tag. Style Sheets here I come…
Oh yeah, I added a form so you can text message me from the site. Right now, it’s on the resume subweb as a popup. As I convert the site over, I’ll add it to a main page.