Random Musings by Kraft

  • college slackers

    PNaYBayB: nope:-)…but that’s ok…bc i figured out that i don’t need that good of a grade on this test to come out with a decent grade Kraftcheesenmac: the true sign of a college student PNaYBayB: hahah…a true sign of a graduating college student Kraftcheesenmac: well i do that too Kraftcheesenmac: lol Kraftcheesenmac: and i’m not […]

  • weekend!

    The weekend is finally here! MSU is following a four-day work week so three-day weekends every weekend are my game. The downside: two-hour classes. So far, all we’ve done in my art class is watch videos. I suppose that’s acceptable. I really don’t have too much to talk about really. Currently, everything is on auto-pilot. […]

  • xhtml transformation

    This is just a quick little musings to say that I’m going to convert the site to XHTML over the next few weeks. As well, I’m going to drop my use of FrontPage and go back to real web creation. So far, the resume has been converted over. I had forgotten how much control of […]

  • bought some books

    Academia. It’s that bittersweet beast which all of us in college subject ourselves to for better or for worse. The other day, I went to the MSU Bookstore to purchase my books for Summer I. All used books, not including one that I already owned, came to a grand total of $194. Well, I’m still […]

  • job hunt

    The Great American Job Hunt. Why do they call it that? It’s not a great experience at all from what I know. I spent most of the day today dressed up in a suit going to so many different businesses only to have most of them flat deny me or give me one of those […]

  • weblog and midwestern

    Ok, I just made myself mad. I had written a decent-sized entry and then I deleted it on accident. I don’t do that too often and it really bugs me whenever I do. I’ll try to recreate the post… I decided to start more of a weblog layout to the site. Recently, I haven’t had […]